Pokémon GO Raid Rewards


*** LEGENDARY POKEMON PASSWORDS** – Niantic shared they will be giving away passwords to those who were very active in the gym system to give them a chance at catching legendary Pokemon at a later date.

  • Opportunity to catch the Raid Boss in a depowered, normal CP range state. However, the encounter features a high or perfect IV version of the Pokémon that was featured as a Raid Boss.

  • Premier Balls are given to participating Trainers, so you won’t waste your own Balls on capture attempts.

  • Raid Bosses are very difficult to capture and have a high run away rate – this is intentional and confirmed by Niantic to stay this way

  • Golden Razz Berry is a stronger version of the commonly available Razz Berry, making capturing even more easier than using an ordinary Razz Berry. Golden Razz has an interesting hidden property: it restores your Pokémon motivation completely!

  • Rare Candy is a special kind of Candy that is applicable to any Pokémon. Rare Candy enables you to power up any Pokémon, no matter of which Species it is.

*** Technical Machines** are special items which enable move rerolling. They come in two variants:

*** Fast Technical Machine**

– for permanently rerolling a Quick (Fast) Move on a singular Pokémon

*** Charged Technical Machine**

– for permanently rerolling a Charged Move on a singular Pokémon
It’s unknown if TMs will be usable multiple times