Pokémon go false banning, exposing the truth of niatic


I’m tired of this, spent $20 and they claimed I was using third party yet I was in a helicopter playing it’s so Fucking ridiculous… please help me expose what they’re doing to us…

Proof: https://youtu.be/4C4rt-BmBuY


lol they emailed me that their not even gonna investigate the case and to make a new account so pathetic


Can someone pls help


This is an awful thing to hear. The game should’ve said you’re going too fast and that’s about it. Using a third party software for what?


They said my speeds were to high and that I was walking through buildings and lakes


I’m truly sorry they didn’t hear you out.


Do you think I should just give up and charge back or kept emailing?


I think you shouldn’t keep being angry because that’s ultimately bad for your health. I would email them to make sure they understood the situation correctly. However, if they aren’t going to be fair, this shouldn’t bring you down. Find another fun activity. You were flying with a helicopter, dude! I wish I could do that!


What state do you live in we travel around the US! Would love to give you and your family that opportunity no joke


Oh, that’s so sweet of you! I’m actually an European girl, so no helicopters for me now :slight_smile:


lol they emailed me that their not even gonna investigate This is an awful thing to hear