Pokemon GO bots

Are you tempted or would you use Pokemon GO bots? They offer amazing features like:

Anti-Ban Techniques
Safe Auto Walking
Auto Evolve Pokemon
Auto Catch Pokemon
Auto Transfer Pokemon
Auto Farm Pokestops
Auto Hatch Eggs
Easy Install & Run
GPS Location configuration
Determine which pokeball to use (uses Razz Berry if the catch percentage is low!)
Exchange Pokemon as per configuration
Auto switch mode (Inventory Checks - switches between catch/farming items)
Limit the step to farm specific area for pokestops
Rudimentary IV Functionality filter
Ignore certain pokemon filter
Adjust delay between Pokemon capture & Transfer as per configuration
Standalone Desktop Application
Incubate eggs
Use candy
Inventory cleaner

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Right, I was just curios how they work. So far, I read that only few players use bots.